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We are committed to providing our guests with the wedding or event that consistently exceeds their expectations. We put much love and pride into our food. We enjoy the challenge of creating mouthwatering food for every event. We work together as a team with one common goal in mind, to create an event that is just as individual as each of our clients. We recognize the value and loyalty of our community and all their contributions to our success in North Houston.

Why Choose Shirley Acres?

Shirley Acres defines itself on two guiding principles: Transparency & Tradition. Any time a bride or other client comes in to get a quote on pricing, we sit down with you and customize every detail to suit your needs. We show the breakdown of cost, step by step, and adjust items depending on your budget. Every aspect of our business is steeped in a tradition of hospitality. Shirley Acres prides itself in treating our customers like family and that has been the center focus of our business for the past 46 years. Anyone can open a wedding and catering business, but it takes principle and heartfelt, ethical business practice to stick around for nearly half a century and thrive. We want you to be part of our Shirley Acres family.

Company Values: C.H.A.R.M.

Composure is Key

Develop and sustain a presence of quiet confidence in your ability to lead. The key to perfect execution is proper planning and organization. No matter what the day throws your way, trust that with effective leadership everything will turn out amazing.

Help Fellow Staff and Guests

Whether it is a guest bringing in personal items, a new staff member training, or a coordinator needing a helping hand, joyfully offer assistance wherever it is needed. We’re all in this together and life is much easier when everyone is on board to help.

Attitude is Noticed and Remembered

A friendly, can-do attitude is something that other staff and guests alike will remember when they think of Shirley Acres. A simple smile and polite gestures go a long way! Make someone’s day with your kindness.

Reach Beyond Expectations

When someone uses Shirley Acres to host their event, we want them to leave feeling like family. Go out of your way to make an event extraordinary for every guest who walks through our doors.

Make It Fun!

We’re in the business of memory making, so why not make sure they are fun memories? No one likes a stale atmosphere. Loving what you do and enjoying yourself while you are doing it will make the experience that much more gratifying.


Shirley Acres made its humble beginnings as a residence to Ralph and Lou Shirley in 1971. Throughout the years Ralph and Lou raised their four children, each having their weddings on the beautiful 13 acre property. It was the wedding ceremonies of their children that inspired them to open up their home and land to the expansion that we now know as Shirley Acres and is still family owned and operated by Bob and Karla Shirley. The Shirley legacy strives for the utmost excellence to meet and exceed the expectations of any special occasion. It is the goal of every staff member to make sure that wonderful memories are made for our guests.